I don’t trust anyone. I put Michele Brandt against a couple other mortgage companies for comparison. The others were salesmen that tossed me info and tried to convince me their numbers were best, and that others can’t be trusted. Michele took charge for us, and kept working to provide us the best rate. She did well to explain everything, so I could compare to others and spot insufficiencies. If she didn’t have the best rate, I would have gone with her because she actually cared to meet our needs and proactively ensure everything was set and ready to go in time for closing. Stick with the best, talk to Michele, and then rest easy.
– Dan G.

Michele Brandt is the best of the best when it comes to home mortgages! I have used Michele and her team twice, and I continue to be impressed by their knowledge, professionalism, communication and commitment to me throughout the entire home buying process.
– Chuck M.

We first met Michele Brandt when she hosted a “buying a first home” workshop. Michele laid out the process in a way that made it easy to understand and helped demystify the experience for us first-time buyers. [She] and her team were very responsive to our questions once we got started, and we never felt like our loan application was being forgotten. People kept wishing us “good luck” on closing, but we never felt like the process was up in the air at all. We closed on time and everything went as expected!
– Anonymous

Michele Brandt and her team were a perfect match for our family. When there was something that raised an eyebrow on the borrowing process, they always answered the question in a positive, professional way. I also feel we did get the best rate in town!
– Anonymous